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The benefits of outsourcing include access to specialized expertise, increased efficiency and scalability. Your local staff is able to focus on more immediate and gratifying tasks. They can be better compensated through the savings achieved with myteem. This will overall improve staff satisfaction and retention.

Most of Myteem staff members are located in Beirut, Lebanon with management services in Boston, MA. Most Teem members are graduates from the best local colleges where they follow the U.S. curriculum in English. They all have excellent command of the language.

Myteem managers spend a significant amount of their time learning about your organization and how it is currently managed. Daily interaction between our managers and yours ultimately lead to myteem functioning as if it was on site.

Emergency triage protocols are agreed upon ahead of time. The call center agents follow these criteria to book patients accordingly. Any situation that falls outside these criteria is communicated directly to the point person at your practice.

Click here to listen to our sample calls or feel free to call us at 617-202-2020 to experience it yourself.

Myteem agents are fully fluent in reading, writing and speaking English and continuously receive training to improve their knowledge and skills tailored to your specific needs. Click here to see and listen to some of our Teem members.

All of our agents are HIPAA certified and pass training in order to be fully equipped to handle sensitive patient information and medical practices. Furthermore each agent has received training on patient privacy laws and regulations “BSM Consulting – A guide to HIPAA and patient confidentiality.”

All patient information remains on your server, no information is transferred out. We access your practice management system in order to ensure that patients’ information is kept confidential and secure. While accessing your practice management, our Teem follows strict data security protocols and maintains secure facilities.

Myteem complies with various regulations and standards, including HIPAA, FDA regulations, ISO standards, and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.

“BSM Consulting – A guide to HIPAA and patient confidentiality.”

Success can be measured through various metrics, including call volume, call abandonment rate, call wait time, call handling time, customer satisfaction, and patient feedback. We are confident in our training methods and implementations. Here is a sample monthly report related to the Call Center. Similar reports are generated from other services rendered.

1- We set clear expectations and provide our teem with a detailed outline of your expectations, including service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and specific customer service standards.

2- We regularly monitor our agents’ performance and provide coaching and feedback to help them improve. We do so through call recordings, live monitoring, or regular performance reviews.

3- We provide regular training and development opportunities to our agents to ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality service.

4- We implement a quality assurance program that includes regular audits of agent performance, feedback and coaching, and performance metrics tracking.

Myteem agents operate as though we were in your offices learning how to communicate with every patient based on your location and their comfort. We adapt to our situational awareness and ensure that all patients feel the same personal touch a front desk representative would offer.

Myteem agents create a personalized experience by handling calls professionally and courteously to ensure the ongoing contribution of building positive customer relationships. We establish rapport, address concerns, and lead your patient in the right direction thereby fostering customer loyalty and trust in your clinic. Myteem agents accurately document relevant information, such as caller information, inquiries, or requests. Myteem agents offer their undivided attention to the patient while on the call without needing to handle any distractions that might be present in an office setting. 

Click here to listen to our sample calls or feel free to call us at 617-202-2020 to experience it yourself. 

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