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Introducing MyTeem

Our Services

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Call Center

Ensure your average answer speed is less than 10 seconds and simplify your phone tree. Can be discounted when combined with other services.

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Patient Recall

Reactivate lost patients. Each reactivated patient is an average $450 in revenue per patient per year.

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Lead Management

Reach back to your website marketing leads within 15 minutes.

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Clinical Screening

More efficient visits saving an average of 7 to 10 minutes per encounter. Two additional visits per clinic is equivalent to $75,000 incremental revenue per year.

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Surgical Scheduling

Improving your surgical scheduling system can ensure a seamless process from the moment the appointment is made until the day of surgery.

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Eligibility and Prior authorization

Improving eligibility and prior authorization services can help streamline the process required for planned medical procedures or treatments by confirming a patient's insurance coverage and obtaining approval from the insurer.

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Customized Services

General administrative services are tailored services pertaining to your clinic. If you are just opening your first practice or if you have been in the game for years we know that sometimes you just need that one good agent who can offer specific custom tailored services. Feel free to reach out to design a supervised remote program for you.

About Us

MyTeem is founded and managed by an experienced group of doctors and medical administrators. It is designed to attend to the needs of healthcare facilities by offering back-office services with the goal of providing the needed staffing, reducing overhead expenses, and delivering high quality results.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the centerpiece of our business so you can track the quality and the results of the services you elect to subscribe to.

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