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Call Center

Improving your call center can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce wait times, and improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

What MyTeem Did

Reduced on hold time to an average of 7-9 seconds 

Reduced abandoned calls to 1% or less

Achieved 8.8+ on patient satisfaction per call

Reduced costs by an average of 58%

How MyTeem Does It


We dedicate a Teem of agents who continuously grow to become experts in our practice.


We invest into an extensive ongoing training program.


We provide daily feedback to MyTeem for constant improvement


We continuously track analytics to identify areas of improvement

2021: Average answer speed – 9 minutes – Boston Vision case study

2022: Average answer speed – 7-9 seconds

1-5 Agents
Your 5 Agents
MyTeem's 5 Agents
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$104,000 / year
5-10 Agents
Your 10 Agents
MyTeem's 10 Agents
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$208,000 / year
10-20 Agents
Your 20 Agents
MyTeem's 20 Agents
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$416,000 / year

Sample Calls With MyTeem agents

Patient recordings were de-identified to protect privacy.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Meet Our Teem

Joumana Economakis

Teem Lead

Cece Abi Samra

Teem Lead

Andrew Kahale

Teem Lead

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