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Clinical Screening

Obtaining clinical history prior to a patient’s visit can be an important step in providing high-quality medical care.

What MyTeem Did

Reached 70% of patients 1-2 days prior to their visit.

Reduced each clinic visit by 7-10 minutes.

Added 2-5 more visits per day 

Increased revenue by 75K if 2 more visits were added per day. 

How MyTeem Does It


We dedicate a Teem of agents who become experts in your EMR


We alert patients to expect our calls


We ensure every record is compliant with established billing criteria 


We remind patients to get their referrals and documents from their PCP/referring doctors

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Meet Our Teem

Valeriya Kuur

Teem Member

Cece Abi Samra

Teem Member

Katia Dawali

Teem Lead

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